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Cafe by the day, bar by evening-night, Cush.Bar benefits from an absolutely unique location - the premises of Dom na kinoto (Cinema House), one of the first - and few standing - art-house cinemas in Sofia. With its rich history and diverse programme - not only screenings, but plays, gigs, exhibitions, lectures and presentations, etc. - the bar fits in perfectly on the spot. It is also a playground for contemporary artists in almost every medium - from illustration to textile & fashion - offering free exhibition space, as well as collaboration opportunities for future projects. Add a quirky shop with printed cushions, tote bags & stickers, positioned on the same floor, and you've got a 3-in-1 hot spot right at the heart of Sofia's historic center: get your work done, have a drink, catch a movie, treat yourself to a lovely gift.

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087 780 0767


Работно време: 8.00-00.00 часа

ул. Екзарх Йосиф 37