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NEW Hills

Weinbeere arises – our new limited edition beer!

Bulgarian brewers' innovative idea was to use white grape juice in the fermentation process.

We are proud to announce the first beer, crafted by the Bulgarian brewing team of Hills Brewery. Weinbeere 6.5% is made of high-quality Bulgarian malt and 16˚P. During the fermentation process, the ingredients used for our genuine beer have been enhanced with a concentrate of white grape juice. As a result, the fermentation extract is a mix of malt and grape.

“The yeast cells took longer than usual to activate, but once they started multiplying actively in their new environment (the mix of malt and grape extract), the normal process of fermentation began.” – says Tonislav Yotov, who is our most experienced Bulgarian brewer. After 60 days of aging, Weinbeere came out as a real, but very different craft beer, thanks to its fifth well-balanced element – the grape juice concentrate. Gergana Trendafilova, who has years of experience in winemaking, gave the idea for this brew. This is what she says about Weinbeere: “It stands out with a golden yellow color, high intensity and a dense foam. Its aroma surprises with the extravaganza of well-expressed malt tones, delicately combined with fruit nuances and a feeling of fragrant spring flowers. Its taste is complex, rich, dense and gentle at the same time. This brew has a really good structure, it is perfectly balanced and leaves you with a memorable and pleasant aftertaste.”

Do you want to taste and enjoy this brilliant brew?

We welcome you to visit us at Hills Brewery Park and Wunderbær - Hills Beer Bar & Shop in Plovdiv, so that you can be the first one to taste Weinbeere fresh on tap.

Availability in Sofia: 1001 бири, Kanaal, Nosferatu, Crafter, Garafa, Beer Tag, Dissident, Slaveykov Square.

Plovdiv: Coffee and Gallery Cu29.

Stara Zagora: Beer Kolobars.

Sinemoretz: Veleka Beach.

Harmanli: VillaBassarea.

IMPORTANT: Hills beer continues its donations for UMBAL-Plovdiv. 30% of the price of every purchased bottle is donated to the front-line medical staff and volunteers fighting Covid-19.



We celebrate the German Beer Purity Law of 1516.

It is known that, in time, genuine things never change and loose their shine...

And amongst them, is the German Beer Purity Law – Reinheitsgebot, which orders beer to contain only four main ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast.

This law was integrated by the Duke of Bavaria Wilhelm IV (1493-1550) in Ingolstadt and entered into force on April 23 (Catholic St. George’s Day), 1516. Its purpose was to better the quality of beer, which was an important product back then, mainly produced by monarchs. Except the mandatory 4 main ingredients to be used for producing beer, this law established rules for trade and pricing of the brew. And so, over time, this law became valid throughout the whole country of Germany.

Every brewery in Germany, which abides by the purity law, produces completely pure beer, without any additional ingredients other than the main four. Nowadays the use of preservatives in beer production is allowed by the EU, and breweries that abide by the purity law don’t support that.

Proudly, since 2016 (the 500th anniversary of the signing of Reinheitsgebot) our Hills Brewery that abides by the purity law has been established here in Bulgaria, in the outskirts of Plovdiv.

Hills beer has based its production on the purity law. Our Master Brewer is a Bavarian with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Wolfgang Trautner creates the recipes of the five main Hills beers our Brewery offers, each being a classic brew – Pilsner, Rauch, Weiss, Bock. For our production Hills Brewery uses fresh water from the Rhodopes and selected high quality ingredients from Germany. The whole process is controlled by three Bulgarian technologists, who make sure everything is done according to the Reinheitsgebot law. Another key “ingredient” that contributes to the high quality of the beer is that the Brewery is built according to the highest European standards. The technical equipment is provided by Kaspar Schulz - a leader in the supply and installation of complex brewery equipment worldwide.

We can enjoy real beer in Bulgaria thanks to the enthusiasm and passion for it of the two owners of the company – two IT entrepreneurs from Plovdiv and Sofia. After a long live in Germany, they decided to take the Bavarian traditions with them in Bulgaria. Their goal is to attract the connoisseurs of craft beer and the people who would like to try the fresh taste of Bavarian quality, produced in Bulgaria.

Let’s support the Bulgarian quality production of craft beer, so we can continue to enjoy it as pure as it is for a long time ahead.

By purchasing a bottle, you enter the charity campaign for UMAHT Plovdiv, aiding the medical professionals and volunteers in the fight with Covid-19.

You can learn more about Hills beer products and initiatives here in the website.

Thanks, cheers, and please enjoy!


Photo contest: #BALKONierstvo: My Balcony – my Land.

Active from April 14th – April 30th
A month has passed since the quarantine began and suddenly, going outside for a walk has become a luxury...

We continue our lives behind the walls of our homes, and we keep calm for the better and healthy times upfront. Our balconies or terrace have become oases, where fresh air and sunshine are touching us. And this is how it’s going to be until the end of the quarantine.

Well yeah… we really miss climbing the Plovdiv hills and enjoying the view of the Rhodopes from the lawns of the Brewery. And thus, accidentally we began our balcony life. We still manage to get by, sending each other photos of sunsets and sunrises, snapping the delicious looking meals we cooked and making online toasts, but no photos from the sofa and the bedroom – we keep those to ourselves :D! And so, our joy flies out from our balconies.

We are already very well acquainted with our new environment and it has already inspired us – we hope that it’d also inspire you. We present to you a photo contest, in which you could showcase your balcony life – prizes and surprises await!

What do you need to do?

  1. You send us your best photo by April 30 at e-mail:
  2. We will then post all received photos on our Facebook page. You will be able to vote for the photo you like the most by reacting to it on Facebook until May 10.

What are the prizes?

5 of you will be awarded every type of beer we offer, along with 2 fantastic glasses where you can pour our live beer. In addition to all the flavors we already offer, you will receive our exclusive limited edition brew, of which we will only produce 2000 bottles.

Another 5 of you will be invited on a tour and tasting at Hills Brewery, where you will be able to taste fine beer being at the source. You can bring up to 3 friends. The tour will be led by our brewing technologist. Our team will take care and surprise you on top of that.

The winners will be announced on May 11th.
We expect your entries.

Photo Credit/Courtesy: Maya Marinova

Important! We support all craft manufacturers and quality products made in Bulgaria. We encourage you to promote them in your photos. #SupportLocal #madeinBulgaria #craftbeer #craftproducts


Hills beers is starting is donating a hospital for medical support in the fight against COVID-19

The company management has taken a business-heavy decision and to support the fight against Covid-19...

During the shutdown of all restaurants and premises Hills Beer will not stop its production. On the contrary, we have decided to donate 30% of the price of every Hills bottle to the Plovdiv University hospital. The bottling is carried out, as always, according to all standards of purity and sterility.

A starting sum of 5000lv will be donated to UMBAL-Plovdiv, with which the hospital has decided to buy protective clothing and supplies for the medical staff to use. The rest of the accumulated donations from direct customer sales will be given to the same hospital on a weekly basis.

Starting from March 31st everyone will be able to support the hospital by simply enjoying genuine beer, made with healthy ingredients and without any preservatives.

"Our goal is to remain real as people. Although not with much, we want to be helpful and empathetic. This will cost us a lot, but right now what is more important is protecting our well-being. Every dime is helpful. And I want to let the people who choose Hills beer to know that we do it for you!" – says one of the co-founders.

As of now, Hills Brewery is closed for visitors, but the bottling continues. Our team is carrying out free shipments in Sofia and Plovdiv.

You can find our products in Metro, Fantastico-Sofia, Lexy-Plovdiv or craft beer and products shops. For more information check our Facebook page @hillsbeer and for a full list of where you can buy Hills Beer, visit


Hills Brewery

Hills is a craft beer made in an independent brewery located near Plovdiv. Our Brewery is the place where traditional brewing methods are realized into a fine final product so that you can fully enjoy genuine, high-quality beer.

Hills is made of crystal clear water from the Rhodope Mountain and specially selected highquality ingredients coming from Germany. Тhe recipes are Wolfgang Trautner's, a brewmaster with 29 years of experience in this industry. The whole process of beer making is controlled by three Bulgarian technologists in the Brewery, who make sure the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 is abided to thoroughly.

The Idea behind Hills Beer

The idea of Hills came up over a glass of beer while waiting for a connecting flight at the airport in Munich. As IT professionals we travel all the time and over the years we were able to establish a great reputation which did cost us a lot of hard work and dedication. And at the end of the day we believe that our efforts and success deserve a prize...

How good is to have a real, delicious beer as a cheer up? Refreshing, smooth in taste, and lovely at the palate. A beer to help you shedding the day’s baggage and to make it better for the next challenging day and timelines. Isn’t it?

The Taste

We wanted our beer to be like us, to suit our taste. Real Beer, Beer that does not require expensive advertising campaigns, Beer with flavour and quality that are good enough to speak for themselves, uncompromising Beer created with the same passion and dedication that we put in to our work.


How HILLS BEER is done?

The fermentation and maturation takes at least 35 days, depending on the type of the beer.

THE Hills beer TEAM

Wolfgang Trautner

Our Master Brewer

Born in Bavaria, our master brewer has 29 years of experience in the industry. Wolfgang creates our recipes, selects ingredients and tracks the high quality of Hills beer.

Gergana Trendafilova


Tonislav Yotov


Cenko Melin



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